Five Things: Final Edition

I’m finally back home in Milwaukee after a long (but not nearly long enough!) journey; I spent my first three full days at home filling out insurance claims forms, searching through Amazon records, credit card records, various websites, emails, and boxes for documentation, writing tons of notes on the forms and documentation, filling out NEW forms, searching for and printing / copying NEW documentation, translating my police report from Spanish into English, making copies, and finally mailing my fifty pages (fifty-two, actually, but who’s counting?) of PleaseHelpMe off to World Nomads, which has a stellar reputation. We’ll see how that goes.  A claims specialist told me on the phone this morning that she thinks my flight cancellation due to my passport being stolen isn’t covered, but I could give it a shot.

I digress.

Here’s my last set of fun photos from the UK / Ireland portion of my trip!

What’s a “registered trademark”?  The ride we took at this carnival was manually spun around by a boy who couldn’t have been more than eleven.  I’m surprised he didn’t have a governor shouting over him, “Spin faster, boy!  FASTER!”


Brits are SO courteous!
… and they know how to party.  Who brings an ashtray into a phone booth?  A party monster, that’s who.

Bonus Picture / Earworm:

I’m sorry / you’re welcome.

No posts from the UK / Ireland because I was with friends the whole time I was in London, Bristol, and Cardiff, and I was with this charming fellow the whole time I was in Ireland… and I couldn’t take my hands off him long enough to type out a blog post.  A perfect way to end a trip that was far better than I ever could have imagined.  Hope you’ve enjoyed reading – to be continued on my next journey.  ❤



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