I’m in Love!

… with Spain!  I so, so badly want to live here.  Here’s why:




  1. Topless beaches – as in, ALL OF THE BEACHES are topless.  Free the nipple, indeed!  I feel so liberated.  The best part about it is that no one stares ’cause no one cares – it’s just not a big deal.  Swimming in the warm afternoon water, looking into the deep blue, and listening to the calls of the guys walking by selling mojitos, I suddenly understand why people spend hours on the beach.
  2. Tapas.  I want my face full of tapas at all times.  Some cities (like Granada) even have bars that give you free tapas with each drink, just inviting you to drink more.  How can you resist this positive feedback loop?  Tapas photos forthcoming in a separate post on food!
  3. One euro bottles of wine. I mean… c’mon.
  4. Mountains!  It’s too hot to hike right now, but there are tons of national parks and beautiful scenery throughout Spain, making it a great place to go trekking.
  5. Flamenco.  Have you ever seen flamenco dancing?  No?  YouTube that shit right now!  It’s incredible!  It’s like the most passionate combination of belly dancing and tap.
  6. All the meat and cheese all the time in your face.  As a Wisconsinite, I really appreciate this.  All the convenience stores sell one euro packets of salami and cheese.  Perhaps this is why there’s such a strong vegan movement here… more on that later.
  7. Access to other European countries with cheap flights and buses.
  8. BlaBla Car – an amazing intercity ride sharing company that’s (usually) cheaper than the train and might have drivers who are able to take you places that public transit can’t.
  9. Street art.  Beautiful, bold, colorful, vibrant (and often political) pieces and murals all over the place.  Even when it’s Pennywise from Stephen King’s It, you have to appreciate the talent that goes into the painting.
  10. The most laid-back, amiable people you could ever hope to meet.


Look at that beautiful mug.

P.S. Did I mention there are dog poop bins? Dog poop bins. Why doesn’t every major city have these?!




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